International 14

CST’s range of High Modulus spars for the International 14 have proven to be fast, with a number of World and International titles over the years. We endeavour to keep working with our team sailors – Archie Massey, Brad Devine along with sail makers in order to keep developing our products and offer our customers a competitive advantage.


Product SKU Price

I14 Mast, 57 Series, High Modulus Carbon (HM4)

S-AS-CST-2459-1 $2,310.00

I14 Mast Rigging Package

S-AS-CST-2459-2 $1,295.00

Mast Fittings

Product SKU Price

Carbon Fibre Sail Track – Price per meter

S-AS-CST-0481-2 $100.00

Fibreglass Sail Track – Price per meter

S-AS-CST-0481-1 $100.00

Gooseneck Fitting, Suits 57 Series Mast

S-AS-CST-568-1A $140.00

Super Stiff High Modulus Carbon Fibre Sail Track – Price per meter

S-AS-CST-0481-4 $120.00

Carbon-X-D1 Fitting

S-AS-CST-0694 $180.00

Sail Track Feeder

R-FT-A0924 $35.00

Stiff Carbon Sail Track – Price per meter

S-AS-CST-0481-3 $120.00


Product SKU Price

High Modulus Carbon Boom section ID125x50mm, W2.0mm Complete

S-AS-CST-2038-4 $1,612.50

Boom Fittings

Product SKU Price

Int 14 Laminted Vang Fitting

S-CST-2033-3 $140.00

Push Vang Arm – Carbon Epoxy Tube

C-AA25425 $105.00

Carbon Female Gooseneck

S-AS-CST-0726 $106.00

Mainsheet Hangers suit 50mm Rectangular Boom

S-AS-CST-2540 $120.00

Glue-on Vang Fitting

S-AS-CST-2745-2 $120.00

Spinnaker Pole

Product SKU Price

I14 Standard Modulus Spinnaker Pole – bare tube

S-AS-CST-0276 $520.00

I14 High Modulus Spinnaker Pole – bare tube

S-AS-CST-0511 $620.00

Carbon Battens

Product SKU Price

Carbon Battens Pultruded

B-CE10 $45.00

Wing Set

Product SKU Price

ID57.1mm, W1.8mm, Carbon Epoxy Tube – Rack Tube

C-AA57118 $152.00

ID69.0 x 29.0mm, W2.2mm, Carbon Epoxy Tube, Streamline Foil – Rear Wing Perpendicular tube

C-EA69022H $170.00

ID57.1mm, W3.0mm, Carbon Epoxy Tube, IM Fibre – Front Wing Perpendicular tube

D-AB57130 $303.00

ID63.6mm, W1.8mm, Carbon Epoxy Tube – FrontWing Perpendicular sleeve

C-AA63618B $168.00

Tiller Extensions

Product SKU Price

Series 20 Carbon/Aramid Tiller Extension 2200mm – (B14, Contender, International 14, and 16ft Skiff)

S-AS-CST-0449-3 $182.55