Using advanced technology featured in our newest High Modulus Carbon Mast range, this tapered mast presents a smaller surface area of wind resistance, with the outside diameter reduced 5mm from previous designs, to just 45mm. The numbers continue to tumble with this mast weighing 10% less and sporting an incredibly smooth bend profile.

The High Modulus Contender Mast can be supplied as a one or two piece mast. Both options already have sail track attached and reinforcing in critical areas. CST is proud that many top sailors find success with our products, including Mark Bulka – 2014 World Champion and CST team member.


Product SKU Price

Contender Mast 1pc

S-AS-CST-0381-1 $2,244.95

Contender Mast 2pc

S-AS-CST-0381-2 $2,244.95

Mast Fittings

Product SKU Price

Gooseneck Fitting

S-AS-CST-2967-40 $120.00

Contender Tip Plug

S-AS-CST-0110-1 $25.00

Heel Plug for 40 Mast Series

R-PL-CST-0084-1 $70.00

Sail Track Feeder

R-FT-A0924 $35.00


Product SKU Price

Standard Modulus Rectangular Contender Boom

S-AS-CST-2775-1 $865.00

High Modulus Rectangular Contender Boom

S-AS-CST-2775-2 $1,285.32

Boom Fittings

Product SKU Price

Mainsheet Hangers suit 40mm Rectangular Boom

S-AS-CST-2468-1 $120.00

Carbon Female Gooseneck

S-AS-CST-0726 $106.00

Tiller Extensions

Product SKU Price

Series 20 Carbon/Aramid Tiller Extension 2200mm – (B14, Contender, International 14, and 16ft Skiff)

S-AS-CST-0449-3 $182.55