There are two masts on offer for the Cherub class, either stiff or soft. Both masts come as a “one piece spar”, with a small diameter to provide high performance with the smallest windage possible, while offering similar stiffness fore and aft to its predecessor; but giving an increase of 15% stiffness sideways. The technological advances have been developed with the new square “Roachy” main sail in mind.


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Cherub Mast

40 Series, High Modulus Carbon - includes track attached

S-AS-CST-0319-1 $1,702.58

Mast Spreader

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Adjustable Spreader Kit – Series 40

Spreaders Series 40 adjustable kit - Recommended for Contender & Cherub.

ID of Collar = 47mm | Spreader Arm Length = 520mm | Complete Length = 1088.5mm

S-AS-CST-2835 $550.00

Mast Fittings

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Carbon Fibre Sail Track

(10mmID, 3mm slot, Maximum length 3.3m) - price per metre

S-AS-CST-0481-3B $120.00

Gooseneck Fitting

Gooseneck Fitting, Suits 40 Series Mast, Moulded Carbon - includes Riley RM682 boom pin and yoke

S-AS-CST-2967-40 $120.00

Heel Plug – 40 Mast Series

Heel Plug for 40 Series Mast

R-PL-CST-0084-1 $70.00

Fibreglass Sail Track

(10mmID, 3mm slot, Maximum length 3.35m) - price per metre

S-AS-CST-0481-1 $100.00

Moulded Carbon D1 Fitting

Moulded Carbon D1 fitting

S-AS-CST-2706 $80.00

Captive Pin Quick Release Mast Tip Fitting

Captive pin quick release 19.0mm mast tip fitting-ASSEMBLED

S-AS-CST-0029-2 $90.00

Sail Track Feeder

Sail track feeder to prevent chafe

R-FT-A0924 $35.00

Non-Captive Pin Quick Release Mast Tip Fitting


R-PL-CST-2769 $90.00


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Cherub Boom Section

Boom section ID80 x 40mm, W1.8mm Carbon Epoxy Tube, Rectangular Length 2450

S-AS-CST-2041 $682.32

Cherub Boom Fittings

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Mainsheet Hangers suit 40mm Rectangular Boom

Includes pin

S-AS-CST-2468-1 $120.00

Carbon Female Gooseneck

Suits 40mm Rectangular Boom

S-AS-CST-0726 $106.00

Spinnaker Pole

Product SKU Price

Cherub Bowsprit, Carbon Expoxy Tube – L2100mm

Cherub Bowsprit ID44.7mm, W2.5mm, Carbon Epoxy Tube

C-AA44725 $352.80

Tiller Extension

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Series 20 Carbon/Aramid Tiller Extension 1250mm

suitable for Cherub, 29er, Laser, Finn, 470, 420 and NS14

S-AS-CST-0449-1 $112.25