Boom Fittings

All Boom Fittings available from CST Marine.

Boom Fittings

Product SKU Price Product Drawing

Mainsheet Hangers suit 40mm Rectangular Boom

Includes pin

S-AS-CST-2468-1 $115.00

Int 14 Laminted Vang Fitting

Laminated vang fitting, including SRS Round Thimble

S-CST-2033-3 $140.00

Push Vang Arm – Carbon Epoxy Tube

Push vang arm ID25.4mm, W2.5mm, Carbon Epoxy Tube

C-AA25425 $105.00

Moth Add-on Vang Attachment

Add on Vang attachment (lever vang) to compliment mainsheet hangers for Boom 80 x 40 mm Rectangular Series boom section - inc longer pin 6"

S-CST-2468-2 $70.00

Moth Lever Vang Kit Complete

Moth Lever Vang Kit Complete, includes Arm, Saddle and hanger with 6" pin to suit Boom

S-AS-CST-2624-4 $280.00

Carbon Female Gooseneck

Suits 40mm Rectangular Boom

S-AS-CST-0726 $106.00

Mainsheet Hangers suit 50mm Rectangular Boom

Includes pin

S-AS-CST-2540 $120.00

Two Carbon ‘flip-flop block’ Mainsheet Hangers

Suits 50mm Rectangular Boom - includes Ronstan RF62174 Low Lead Series 60 Ratchet Block

S-AS-CST-2608-2 $295.00

Single Carbon ‘flip-flop block’ Mainsheet Hanger

Suits 50mm Rectangular Boom

S-AS-CST-2608-1 $60.00

Two Carbon ‘flip-flop block’ Mainsheet Hangers

suits 50mm Rectangular Boom - includes Harken 57mm Carbo Ratchamatic Flip Flop Block

S-AS-CST-2608-3 $325.00

Glue-on Vang Fitting

Suits 50mm Rectangular Boom

S-AS-CST-2745-2 $120.00

Moth Bent Boom Joiner

S-AS-CST-2803 $270.00

High Modulus Moth Tapered Bent Boom 15 degree

High Modulus Moth Tapered Bent Boom ID80 x 40mm - includes CNC cutting of gooseneck and fitting of moulded bent Boom component, Lever Vang kit, mainsheet hangers with additional Lever Vang hanger

S-AS-CST-1960-4 $1,450.00