CST Composites is the official International B14 Class supplier; CST supplies a complete range of carbon tubing for masts, spreaders and wings for the B14 class.

Our 50 series masts are made using intermediate modulus carbon fibre and have been developed with the leading class sailors to offer the optimum bend characteristics. CST has also developed new carbon fibre wings replacing the existing aluminium variety. These are available as cut to length tubes ready for assembly, or as a complete wing kit including moulded carbon joints and acetal fittings.


Product SKU Price

B14 2 Piece Mast, 50 Series

S-AS-CST-0287-1 $1,924.97

Mast Fittings

Product SKU Price

Carbon Fibre Sail Track

(10mmID, 3mm slot, Maximum length 3.3m) - price per metre

S-AS-CST-0481-3B $120.00

Fibreglass Sail Track

(10mmID, 3mm slot, Maximum length 3.35m) - price per metre

S-AS-CST-0481-1 $100.00

Sail Track Feeder

Sail track feeder to prevent chafe

R-FT-A0924 $35.00


Product SKU Price

Standard Modulus B14 Wing Kit – Without Wing Joints

Unassembled - includes tubing, plastic fittings WITHOUT WING JOINTS

S-AS-CST-0503-3 $2,240.00

Standard Modulus B14 Wing Kit Complete

S-AS-CST-0503-1 $3,041.60

Wing Fittings

Product SKU Price

B14 Acetyl Wing End Socket

S-AS-CST-0496-2 $20.00

B14 Acetyl Wing Inner Bush

Suits 50 Series Wings

S-AS-CST-0496-3 $20.00

B14 Acetyl Wing End Plug

S-AS-CST-0496-4 $15.00

Tiller Extensions

Product SKU Price

Series 20 Carbon/Aramid Tiller Extension 2200mm

suitable for B14, Contender, International 14, and 16ft Skiff

S-AS-CST-0449-3 $182.55