16ft Skiff

CST Composites has dominated the 16ft Skiff class with CST Team Brydens Compensation Lawyers winning the 2011, 2013 and 2014 Australian Championship convincingly. Brydens Compensation Lawyers have been using CST Composites spars for many years and now feature a complete package including both masts, boom and spinnaker pole.

16ft Skiff #1 Mast

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Complete #1 16ft Skiff Mast

S-AS-CST-1999-3 $4,279.20

16ft Skiff #2 Mast

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S-AS-CST-1999-4 $4,279.20

Mast Fittings

Product SKU Price

Sail Track Feeder

R-FT-A0924 $35.00

Spinnaker Pole

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16ft Spinnaker Pole

S-AS-CST-1948-1 $1,316.00

Whisker Tubes

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Carbon Whisker Tubes

C-AA22215 $71.00


Product SKU Price

Carbon Female Gooseneck

S-AS-CST-0726 $106.00

Mainsheet Hangers suit 50mm Rectangular Boom

S-AS-CST-2540 $120.00

Two Carbon ‘flip-flop block’ Mainsheet Hangers (inc Ronstan Ratchet Block)

S-AS-CST-2608-2 $295.00

Single Carbon ‘flip-flop block’ Mainsheet Hanger

S-AS-CST-2608-1 $60.00

Two Carbon ‘flip-flop block’ Mainsheet Hangers (inc Harken Carbo Ratchamatic Block)

S-AS-CST-2608-3 $325.00

High Modulus Carbon Boom section ID125x50mm, W2.0mm Complete

S-AS-CST-2038-4 $1,612.50

Glue-on Vang Fitting

S-AS-CST-2745-2 $120.00


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Carbon Battens Pultruded

B-CE10 $45.00

Tiller Extensions

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Series 20 Carbon/Aramid Tiller Extension 2200mm – (B14, Contender, International 14, and 16ft Skiff)

S-AS-CST-0449-3 $182.55